Christmas at ChurchLights

We live in a world where Christmas has been consumed by commercialism, where the lights and sounds of Christmas have been exploited to send Shoppers into spending overdrive. However, rather than condemn the customs that have become a part of Christmas, we take all of what Christmas has to offer and use it for a greater good. As part of ChurchLights, we strive to create an event that recycles what many people believed to only benefit commercialism and instead make an event that is totally free and is based simply on the fact that the light of Christ is everywhere, even in the twinkling lights of six Christmas trees.

Our mission, “to celebrate Jesus and to share our faith in a new and innovative way” has led our team to reunify the excitement of Christmas with the true meaning of Christmas, the celebration of Jesus Christ’s birth. As we share the story, we remind all who visit our event that they are able to reflect the true Light of the World. Just as one single Christmas light cannot light an entire room, one person cannot share the light of Christ with the entire world. For this reason, we continue to find new and innovative ways to share our faith each and every year in order to spread the light of Christ with all who visit and encourage them to go out into the world and shine on!

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