Our displays are powered by three computers over five different networks and are connected by over 2,000 feet of Ethernet cable. As of 2023, we have over 50,000 LED lights, a relatively small display in comparison to many others, but what makes us unique is that we have control over many of these lights individually. Below we will dive into some of what makes up the ChurchLights display in more detail, but if you have questions, always feel free to email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.!

We almost exclusively use Light-O-Rama software for all elements in both our indoor and outdoor displays. All final sequencing is done using Light-O-Rama software to synchronize the lights, special effects, music and video. In order to control all the elements in our display, we use the Pro level of the Light-O-Rama ShowTime software with over 10,000 channels to control all the lights.

We use three different style networks in our display:

We own controllers from three different companies:

Holiday Coro
Seasonal Entertainment (Permanently Closed)

All of our Light-O-Rama products use the LOR network, whereas the Holiday Coro and Seasonal Entertainment products run on the two styles of DMX networks. Below is a summary of the controllers we use:

Throughout our display, we use several different types of lights, but starting in 2017, almost every single light we use (including our house lights and lobby lighting) are LED.

Due to popular demand, all our shows now incorporate our voting technology.

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