We almost exclusively use Light-O-Rama software for all elements in both our indoor and outdoor displays. All final sequencing is done using Light-O-Rama software to synchronize the lights, special effects, music and video. In order to control all the elements in our display, we use the Pro level of the Light-O-Rama ShowTime software with over 10,000 channels to control all the lights.

Starting with the 2018 season, we will be experimenting with an additional new software "HeavyM" to control one of our three projectors separate from the rest of our display. In addition we have upgraded to the latest version of Light-O-Rama ShowTime Designer Pixels. This complete rebuild of the Light-O-Rama software is designed specifically for the use of smart pixels (any light, any color at anytime). With these two new upgrades, we look forward to bringing you even more exciting lighting effects than ever before.

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