Throughout our display, we use several different types of lights, but starting in 2017, almost every single light we use (including our house lights and lobby lighting) are LED.

Traditional LED string lights: In our AC light controllers, we use strands of 50 and 100 LED string lights in solid colors of Red, Green, Blue, and White. While these are still standards in our light display and offer some design elements that can’t be entirely replicated with pixel lighting, we generally do not add these lights to our display anymore other than to replace the remaining non-LED light strands still left in our display prior to 2017. Strobe lighting: While we can flash all of our lights on and off to create a strobe light effect, we also include a few actual strobe light devices with traditional xenon flashtubes. In order to prevent side effects of direct strobe lighting, our strobe lights are set at lower frequencies, but we still recommend using caution if you are prone to photosensitive epilepsy. Almost all of the non-LED lighting is accounted for by these lights.

RGB Strip lighting (Dumb/Basic): Now popular for under-counter lighting and other accent lighting, you can find these in your local hardware store. We use these to be able to control the colors of our walls, windows, organ pipes, and ceiling. The entire strip lights up all together, but can be any color.

RBG Pixel Lights: We use several different types of pixel lights from all three of our controller suppliers (Light-O-Rama, Holiday Coro, and Seasonal Entertainment) and all three types of networks. These lights can be individually controlled and each light can be any color at any time. They are used in our Center Wreath, through all our garland, in our Mega-Tree and Mini-Trees, Luminaries, Puppet Sign, and in two of our new elements for 2017. In order to maintain their brightness, they need additional power approximately every 50-feet of cable, or every 100 lights, whichever comes first. And we are just under 4,000 of these lights as of 2017.

RGB Strip lighting (Smart): This combines the RGB strip style of light with the control of the RBG pixel light. This style of light was used in 2009 for a special effect that has since been discontinued, but this style of light is making a reappearance for the 2017 light display. Intelligent Lighting: Often referred to as moving heads these lights are a multi-function light that we can control their Pan, Tilt, Dimmer, Color, and Shape. They include their own on-board controllers and are a part of the DMX network. All of our intelligent lighting is LED.

Up-Lighting: These lights also have their own on-board controllers but operate very similar to the Dumb/Basic RBG Strip lighting, but with a DMX controller built in.

Lasers: We use a few lasers in our display to add some special effects such as our night sky and dancing Santa.

Projectors: We use three standard video projectors for displaying video and images in our indoor display. Each projector is a 4,000 lumen projector and is controlled to the computer with a video balun using even more Cat-5 Ethernet cable.

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